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Phawu group Story

Funeral Cover and Income protection from a trusted partner that understands the pain of losing an income, let alone a loved one.

Phawu Group is a financial services provider aimed at providing group scheme insurance to the private sector as well as some public sector departments. The group company was founded by Lubabalo Gatyana while situated in uMtata, in the Eastern Cape. The company was established to cater for the previously disadvantaged individuals and those in need in rural as well a urban areas by providing financial assistance in preparing for burials and other funeral events.

At group level, the company currently provides Funeral Cover and Income Protection benefits with a strong focus in the security and transport sectors.

It is always the ones that do the majority of the work that get neglected. They often go unnoticed with everyone looking at the output without inputing support.

At Phawu Group, we work with employers and unions to ensure that the people that do the work, the employees, are well-taken care of in the event of death or loss of income.

What are you waiting for, really?

Call us now to kick-start a relationship that will benefit your employees and in turn, increase their productivity, attendance and moral resulting in maximised profits for your organisation.